Louanne Noel

Executive Director

Louanne Noel is the former Director of Boyce Ditto Public Library in Mineral Wells, TX.  Louanne has worked in libraries for over thirty years working in all capacities and has a variety of experience working with small, medium and large public library systems as well as a college atmosphere.  Louanne considers her expertise in turning around underperforming organizations to be her greatest strength.  

Louanne's areas of expertise:

  • System membership, board training, long-range planning, facilities planning
  • New Director orientation
  • Leadership
  • Board and community presentations
  • Adult collection development & weeding
  • Library management & policies
  • Annual report questions
  • System membership requirements
  • Grant review and information
  • Marketing
  • Analytics and data analysis
  • Community Assessment and planning
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

Dayna Williams-Capone

Special Project Coordinator

Dayna is the former director of Victoria Public Library in Victoria, Texas. She has worked in both public and academic libraries for thirty years but enjoys most working with small and rural libraries.  Dayna loves helping libraries and library staff improve and create services that meet their community’s needs.  She also enjoys traveling to small libraries all over the state of Texas and helping library employees connect with their colleagues across the state.

Dayna's areas of expertise:

  • Consulting with a focus on strategic planning
  •  Library assessment especially for small and rural libraries
  • New public library director training
  • Collection development, weeding, and acquisition processes
  • Library management and leadership
  • Library programming
  • Policy writing and review

Samantha Simpson

Vendor Program Manager

  • Procurement
  • Contract and Agreement Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Financial Literacy

For general inquiries, please contact info@libaction.net